People, Leadership & Culture

People, Leadership & Culture Committee

The Standing Committee, comprising members representing school principals, business managers/finance officers, community and human resource professionals, met on seven occasions during 2022.

The committee received regular reports from Catholic Safety, Health and Welfare SA including work health and safety notifications to SafeWorkSA and incidents reported in the Education Sector; and injury management reporting from Catholic Church Insurance.  Senior executives from these two organisations presented their reports to the committee at two meetings each, which provided the opportunity for members to engage in deeper discussions regarding relevant matters.

The committee received reports, revised policies and procedures and considered matters of significance to CESA including:

  • Child Protection reporting including actions taken to meet the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards
  • status updates on the Human Capital Management Project
  • Enterprise Agreement Bargaining updates
  • strategic reporting on People, Leadership and Culture actions and tasks from the 2022 Corporate Annual Plan
  • replacement of Learning Manager Compliance Training System with the new Salt training platform
  • the enacting of new criminal offences and penalties under the Statutes Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse) Act 2021
  • overview of work carried out by the Leadership and Workforce Development team including Early Career Teachers, Teacher Certification, CESA Professional Learning Programs and School Leadership Appointment data
  • new COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure – including two staff consultation processes and the finalisation of the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy in November 2022
  • updated SACCS’:
    • Recruitment of Staff in Catholic Schools Procedure
    • Engaging Contractors in Catholic Schools Procedure
    • Engaging and Inducting Volunteers Procedure
    • Leave Without Pay Policy.

People, Leadership & Culture Section

The People, Leadership and Culture section continued its strategic reach through its three teams:

  • Human Resources and Workforce Planning led by Ranel R Juanta
  • Leadership and Workforce Development led by Sue Kennedy-Branford
  • System Safeguarding and Development led by Elysia Ryan.

In addition, John Foley joined the section for 12 months as Manager: Workplace Culture and Innovation.

Human Resources