Finance & Infrastructure

Finance & Infrastructure Standing Committee

The purpose of the Finance and Infrastructure Standing Committee (FISC) is to provide advice and direction to SACCS in the following areas:

  • Finance: Responsibility and overall control of financial transactions and accountancy matters including audit systems
  • Infrastructure: To facilitate, achieve and perform effective and efficient management of overseeing infrastructure development, planning and project completion and in line with SACCS’ policies, programs and priorities
  • Land Acquisition, enrolment data, school structural changes, capital grant and capital development recommendations
  • Australian government programs
  • Strategic finance direction, oversight of SACCS and CEO budgets, review of monthly/quarterly financial results and annual audit
  • ICT strategic initiatives and direction, school ICT issues and collaboration.

The work of FISC has a futures orientation and the standing committee reports against the SACCS Corporate Plan as it relates to the work of the Committee.

FISC endorses policy documents for SACCS’ approval and approves operational documents.